Fencing around Bella Vista community complete; Gating next

Source: Ozzie Gonzalez

Update April 2015 -- Gates at both entrances have been completed and are activated. In order to enter Bella Vista you must have a key pass of enter an access number to a resident in the complex, so they can buzz you in. A fee of $35.00 will be charged to you if you lose your key card.

Update August 1, 2012 -- All the gates are installed on the entrances of Columbia and Central. There are a couple issues we are dealing with in order to complete this project. We should be testing the gates with motors soon and locking up one of the two entrances at night with our gates. Stay tuned, more to come!

Update January 23, 2012 -- We are currently testing motors to open and close the gates to determine which ones are better for our needs. The gates will most likely be open during the day and closed at a certain time at night. I am still confident that Bella Vista will be a fully gated community by mid-summer.

December 2011 -- Kissimmee, FL. -- Bella Vista Lake Condominiums located in Kissimmee, Florida continues to make vast improvements in the community with the completion of an iron fence along the Central Avenue side of the complex.

The iron fencing project first began in December 2010 with a long fence along with three pillars on the side of Colombia Ave. The 6 feet fence was a big success as it kept people from the street from easily crossing over into the Bella Vista Lake community. The second part of the fencing was complete in December 2011 and covered the entire Central side of the community.  Now the community is completely enclosed, making it a much more secure place for all of its residents.

The next step will be making Bella Vista a gated community. The cost and work involved will be a challenge, but accomplishing that will be a huge increase in security and will increase the property value for all owners.

If all goes well, I can see Bella Vista becoming a gated community.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding making Bella Vista a gated community.


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